The law

By law, the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 advise an annual service and safety check (a CP12) must be carried out in each property to ensure you are kept safe. Poorly maintained appliances can give off Carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas than can kill.  

“Did you know, Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning kills around 50 people in the UK every year. More than 200 people will suffer from serious health problems due to exposure to the poisonous gas

What is a CP12?

A CP12 is a gas safety certificate, which should be completed once every 12 months by a registered engineer. 

Access to the property

As part of your tenancy agreement, we will provide notice of when one of our registered gas engineers will be coming out to your property to carry out the gas safety check. It is really important that you allow the gas safety check to be carried out as it is required by law. 

Rearranging appointments

If the appointment which has been arranged is unsuitable, we ask that you contact the office immediately to rearrange a new date and time. If you would prefer for your worker to be present, please speak with your worker beforehand via 0191 383 1559 to arrange this.