As part of our agreement, once you have successfully moved into either a Moving On Housing or Lettings property, we will arrange a housing inspection after the first date of your initial move in, then another inspection a further three months after that.

The purpose of an inspection is to ensure the housing team can check up on your property in case of any damages that have not been reported once the tenant has moved in. The housing team will also look to ensure the tenant is keeping the property clean and tidy.

After each housing inspection, the tenant will expect to receive feedback based on the condition of the property, both good and bad, as well as areas to improve on. 

“Both our Housing and Lettings teams manage over 100 properties across County Durham

If you want to know when your housing inspection is scheduled for, or want to raise a general housing issue, then please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0191 383 1559, or alternatively [email protected]