It's always good to try and save money here and there, so we have provided some tips below in which you may find useful.

 If you're not in the room, switch the light off. To prevent lights becoming dim, remember to dust bulbs to help gain a constant glow. 

 Keep internal doors shut to prevent heat escaping. If there is a gap at the bottom of your door, make sure to get a draught excluder. Heat can also escape via windows, so make sure to close your curtains.

 Rather than turning the heating up, add an extra layer such as putting on a jumper or jacket.

 Instead of leaving your electrical items on standby, by turning them off you could save yourself up to £30 a year!

 Wash at a 40-30 degrees to save money. Once you have washed your clothes, try and hang them outside to dry. If this is not possible, use a clothes airer in a room where the window is slightly open but the internal door is kept shut. 

“The average UK households emits 2.7 tonnes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) every year from heating their home