Nigel Van Zwanenberg - Chair

Nigel joined the board in 2011. Nigel has previously lectured at a local University, specialising in management and behaviour in organisations. Nigel also has experience as District Councillor. 

Why do you volunteer for Moving On Durham?

Initially when I first became a trustee of Moving On Durham, the idea of helping to reduce the homelessness amongst young people in the locality seemed like a good idea. At the time I'll be honest, I didn't know that much about the problems, or how Moving On Durham helped young people. But over the years I have learnt a lot more and in various ways, along with the other trustees, have helped to direct what Moving On Durham does. 

Moving On Durham is clearly focused on making a difference to young people's lives by helping to bridge the gap between them and the landlords whose property can provide them with a home. With support from Moving On Durham, more young people can avoid homelessness and benefit from living independently. 

Peter Richards - Chief Executive

Peter has over 25 years' experience in the voluntary sector, with 11 years as a Chief Executive / Executive Director. Peter has significant long term experience managing external funding, project development and delivery across diverse operations from landscape and built architecture, to youth work and employability programmes. From multi million pound investments from the National Lottery and Coalfields Regeneration Trust, to managing small community level donations and investments. Peter is a very experienced funding and project manager, successfully managing delivery, risks and returns on complex multi stakeholder projects whilst delivering diverse outcomes. 

Why do you work for Moving On Durham?

It is an absolute privilege to work with the team at Moving On Durham, who work tirelessly to support one of the most vulnerable groups in society; homeless young people. Often presented with young people in crisis are despair, when we offer them a new home and a fresh start, what they can achieve with us is like magic. Our young people go on a journey with us, building their confidence, resilience and ability to live sustainably in the community; starting to achieve their potential. It is a real inspiration to see. 

Charlotte Lee - Development Manager

Charlotte has over 7 years experience of working and volunteering in the voluntary sector, of which 4 years have been in a leadership role. Charlotte has front line experience of supporting people in the County Durham and Cleveland area, with support needs including homelessness, mental health, unemployment, substance misuse and dual diagnosis. Charlotte has managerial experience including overseeing of substantial contracts, HR and financial support. 

Why do you work for Moving On Durham?

I have a passion to help young people achieve the best outcomes for them personally to help reach their aspirations. Seeing the transformation from when someone first starts their journey with us to end the result (often in a years time) is amazing and truly inspirational.