Corporate Support

Perhaps you want to give back to your community and supporting Moving On Durham would be a great way to give back. 

Financial donations

Moving On Durham rely on donations and grants to be able to continue carryoing out the excellent work we do. A financial donation can help towards running and salary costs so we can continue to deliver our services as outlined above. 

Practical support

Perhaps you have a skill you would be willing to share with the staff at Moving On Durham. We would benefit from skills such as IT, accounting, photography, marketing and communications and procurement, to name a few. On the flip side, perhaps you fancy doing something different to your day job and we have a number of opportunities that you could get involved in. This could involve painting one of our dispersed properties or office spaces, or giving a little tender love and care to one of our gardens. All ideas are welcome!

How can it benefit you as an employer

 it allows a company to fulfil their social responsibility 

 boosts positivity on social media

 allows staff to learn and gain new skills

Student Placement Opportunities

If you are either at college, sixth form or university, often there is a compulsory element of the course which will involve a student placement or volunteering opportunity. Moving On Durham has had previous student placements which have resulted in students often volunteering after their core volunteering hours have stopped because they have enjoyed the experience. 

Your placement will be tailored to meet and suit your needs, but may typically include shadowing and working with the team. This could include administration, finance, housing management and intensive support. 

Volunteering Opportunties


Typical duties include making and receiving telephone calls, data entry, filing, typing assist with the handling of both incoming and outgoing mail, as well as other general office duties. To liaise with other departments as and when necessary and provide additional administrative support when appropriate. 


You would be working closely with our finance team and delegated appropriate tasks. This could include raising invoices, data entry, filing, etc...

Housing Management

To work with our housing team you must be able to provide assistant where applicable. This could involve shadowing staff whilst carrying out a property inspection, and dealing with issues such as repairs. 

For more information on how you can support us, please contact us on 0191 383 1559, or alternatively [email protected]