Moving On Durham Joins NRLA

Moving on are delighted to not only become members of The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), but also proud to announce that our housing team have recently also completed their training with the NRLA. 

NRLA Business Members accreditation

Moving on are committed to ensuring that the properties in which we house vulnerable young people are delivered at the highest possible standard, and that all our policies and procedures are in line with the current models of national best practice. 

As members of the organisation, we subscribe to the NRLA Code of Practice (‘CoP’), which is intended to raise and maintain standards in the private rented sector (‘PRS’). It reinforces legal requirements and standards of best practice members of the NRLA are required to observe in connection with the letting and management of the residential property.

It is extremely important to us that the young people we serve are given a safe home and fresh start, by joining the NRLA, we have adopted a national standard to which we can adhere in order to evidence the good work our housing team do on a regular basis. 

To find out more about the NRLA, please visit 

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