Rebuilding a support network for Chloe after escaping abuse

History: Chloe was referred to us as a Child in Need in the summer of 2023. She was under 18 and moved away from her hometown to live with her partner. This relationship however became abusive and Chloe found herself with nowhere to go as she had become isolated from friends and family. Chloe was then moved into a suitable Moving On property closer to her support network as a matter of urgency.

Moving On’s intervention: Chloe had no furnishings when she moved into her home. She was supported by her Support Worker to access funding to help furnish her home to quickly get settled in. Her neighbours also made her feel right at home by welcoming her with a card and gift.

Chloe and her Support Worker then began to look at things like budgeting, setting up bills, registering at her GP’s and attending jobcentre appointments. What Chloe didn’t need support with was keeping her home clean and tidy. The property is always immaculate for her weekly visits, taking great pride and repeatedly complimented on this by her Support Worker.

Chloe was doing really well, but unfortunately the abuse from her ex-partner did not stop. Moving On worked closely with external agencies such as the police and Harbour for home adaptions using target hardening measures to make it safer and Chloe was also granted a non-molestation order to protect her.

Chloe began engaging with CAMHS and attended these appointments with her Support Worker. Chloe talked about wanting to rebuild relationships with her family and friends, which still can be up and down at times but has made a lot of progress.

Fast forward to now and Chloe is expecting a baby; of which she is very excited about. Chloe’s Support Worker has already agreed to help her ensure she is in receipt of the correct benefit entitlements, attend scans and medical appointments and assist with sourcing baby items ready for the new arrival.

Chloe’s Support Worker has every confidence that Chloe will continue to work hard in building a happy and loving home for her and her child.

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