The difference Moving On can make: “Without Rachael, I don’t where I’d be”

Beth, one of our young people has been kind enough to tell her story about how she ended up at Moving On and what her journey has been like. To find out more about her experience, please read the interview below between Beth and Charlotte (employee at Moving On).

Charlotte: Firstly, thank you for taking the time to speak to me as I can appreciate you are pretty busy with a little one. I wondered if in your own words you can you tell me how you found out about Moving On.

Beth: I was a care leaver. I was then in foster care and it was time for me to move on. Social services suggested a Moving On property. I met Rachael, who works at Moving On. I accepted a house with you and Rachael became my support worker. At the time I was only 17 years old and ended up abandoning the property after only 2 weeks of being housed. I moved out of the Durham area to Sunderland. I was then housed by two other supported accommodation providers but it just didn’t work out and was re-referred back into Moving On. I then met up with Rachael again and she told me Moving On were willing to give me a second chance. I was over the moon.

Charlotte: What type of things did Moving On (Rachael) support you with?

Beth: After being given a second chance, I moved into a Moving On house in the East Durham area but due to personal reasons, it wasn’t the right fit for me. Moving On were so understanding and helped support me to move into another house in the North Durham area. Rachael helped me with things like how to budget, how to report repairs, how to look after a home and helped me with finding a college course. Rachael was pretty good at keeping me on the right track especially when I’d have arguments with those closest to me and needed someone to talk to. I also went through a phase of having various couches (haha) until I was happy. I was pretty good at keeping my house clean and tidy and Rachael always praised me for this. It was nice to be praised. I still struggled though as I had very little support around me and few friends due to moving around so much.

Rachael helped link me in with West Cornforth Partnership but then I found out I was pregnant so didn’t start anything. I always engaged really well with services who were involved and finally decided to move out of the Durham area to be closer to my Mam.

Charlotte: How is life now?

Beth: Things are good. I have an 8 week old baby so I’m quite busy. I’ve moved out of area and have a lovely home. I’m going to look for some baby groups with Rachael and looking forward to enjoying motherhood. Without Rachael, I don’t where I’d be. She was like my mam.

Feedback from Rachael – Beth has done amazing. Beth’s house was always beautiful. She’s always been house-proud. She has grown in confidence and now has a beautiful baby girl. I will continue to support for a short space of time to help Beth find local mother and baby groups to meet some new friends in the area.

She still talks about wanting to go to college and wants to eventually support people and be “just like me” (honoured). Even though she isn’t with us, I will still support her to access open events etc and help her hopefully get into college September and get some childcare help.

Now to see her as a mam and smiling at her child with such love is just awesome. Well done Beth, we are so proud of you.

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